Certified Translation of Grade Transcripts or Diplomas

The New York State Education Department and most States require that all translations, reproduce closely the layout of the original document, be complete and followed by  an affidavit of accuracy signed by the translator. For a higher level of certification, our translations are signed by the translator before  a notary public.

In spite of an important effort of harmonization, notably in Europe, the implementation of an equivalency system of diplomas and grades between the countries of the developed world is still very distant (see Higher Education in France and in the U.S.).

Our translations are verbatim. They can be easily compared to the original document facilitating the job of the admissions offices and and credential evaluation services.

See few of our translations below:

-Ecole supérieure de commerce de Lille
-Specimen_DEUG_Droit_magna cum laude_Paris XI
-Specimen_Master of Design_Sydney University_Australia
-Specimen_Universitas Surabaya_Indonesia-
-Specimen_Universitas Surabaya_Indonesia
-Specimen_Universitas Surabaya_Indonesia
-Specimen_Universitas Surabaya_Indonesia

Applying to American Universities

Education in the United States is highly decentralized, and the federal government and Department of Education has no say either about the value, acceptance or rejection of education completed abroad. Most schools and universities have their own ways of evaluating foreign credentials (See link above).

Applying to French Universities

According to a recent study by UNESCO, three countries are the top destination of total mobile students: United States (hosting 18%). United Kingdom (11%) and France (7%). The need of translation of educational documents toward English and French languages continues to surge (See link above).

The need of translation of educational documents toward English and French languages continues to surge. (see glossary entry Certificate of Comparability , and more specifically Procedure Checklist, for Admission to a French University).


“I needed to have my transcript in French translated to English. Ammon-Rousseau did a great job quickly and for a reasonable price.”

Rafaela B.

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“I needed to have Spanish documents translated into English for my husband, and documents translated from Spanish into French for my daughter who is studying abroad in Paris. I was worried about being able to find translation services that didn’t have anything to do with English because of my daughter’s obscure document. When I went to Ammon and Rousseau, they translated all three documents and notarized (which they can do on the spot!) them within a matter of a few days. They were pretty cheap considering that I was able to get everything done in one place. I’m not sure if I’ll have to translate anything else in the future, but if I do, I know where I’m going!”

Samantha N.