Certified translation of Vital Records

All our translations are certified and notarized. This provides the highest level of translation certification for use in the U.S. It means also that an apostille can be obtained on our translations when requested by an authority in the receiving country or consulate.  

Birth Certificate

Your translated document will look very much like the original including the translation of stamps and seals and the notation of signatures. We pay a particular attention to the look of the translated documents. A translation done with care that is complete and easy to read is a plus for any application.

-Specimen_New Jersey birth certificate_into Italian
-Specimen_Marseilles birth certificate_into English
-Specimen_Marriage Certificate_into French_Mexico
Be aware that New York birth certificates come in two formats, a short form and a long form (see specimens).
-Specimen_short form New York birth certificate_into French
-Specimen_long form New York birth certificate_into French

Death Certificate

Same process as for a birth certificate.

Marriage Certificate

See Apostille for Marriage certificate, Getting Married in France and Getting Married in French Polynesia

The short-form birth certificate is essentially an extract of the long-form certificate. It is widely accepted as long as the parents’ names are mentioned. When an apostille is required, you need

to request the long form birth certificate as well as a letter of exemplification (see Apostille for birth and death certificate). If an Apostille is requested on the translation (often a requirement for applications for dual citizenship by the Belgium and Italian Consulates as well as other authorities), the notarized translation can be apostilled (see Obtaining an Apostille for a translation).


When one party in a U.S.-granted divorce is a French citizen, the latest requirements listed by the French Embassy is Washington DC requires translation into French of the divorce as well as an apostille on the translation for the divorce to be registered and officially recognized in France. (For instructions in French see: ). In our experience, a document, which attests that no appeal was filed must be translated as well (see Registration in France of a New York or New Jersey Judgment of Divorce).

Will and Testament

Freedom of disposition by testament, well understood and accepted in England and the United States, both countries of common law systems, is by no means universal. Civil law systems often put some restrictions on the possibilities of disposal (see for example the concept of forced heirship). The adoption of a uniform law on the form of an International Will makes significant progress in the US. The Uniform law has been enacted in 23 States and the District of Columbia.

Prenuptial Agreement

Cross cultural marriages are more and more common. If the parties do not share the same native language and they want to sign a prenuptial agreement, this agreement may need to be translated into the native language of one or both parties.
Upload your prenup, provide the requested information and we will provide a quote.

Diploma and Grade Transcripts

>> Education

Immigration & Citizenship, Power of Attorney, Criminal Record, Tax Documents and other Documents: same process as above.

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“Simply the best in NYC! Lovely couple and efficient, high quality work. Will never go anywhere else!”

Allison D., Manahattan, NY

“Excellent service. They translated 5 documents in 48 hours for a very reasonable price. They also sent me some additional official copies in less than 2 hours after a very urgent and unexpected request from the emigration administration. Thanks to their reactivity, I got all the approvals all I was looking for without them I would have probably lost a few weeks in long and stressful administrative process. They are reactive. Service oriented and professional. I highly recommend them.”

Cyrille Carillon, Manahattan, NY

“A & R recently handled a document translation project for me and they did a great job. They were helpful on the phone explaining logistics and pricing, and they did the work based on document scans before confirming with hard copies, which really speed things up. The translations look fantastic, and they were legalize-able by the French Consulate a few blocks away, so if that's what you need to have done, this is the place you want to go.”

Melmoth K. Yardley, PA

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing work you have done for us in such short notice. We are completely satisfied, and are looking forward to be working with you again.”

Nathalie Bastien, Preble-Rish, Inc

“My husband and I have used Ammon & Rousseau Translations on numerous occasions. We have always found Didier and Lenora to be extremely helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and informative, and willing to answer any questions we have. Our translations are always completed in a timely manner and mailed directly to our home. We will continue to use Ammon and Rousseau for any future translations we have. We highly recommend their services. Helpful. Friendly and knowledgeable.”

Mary G., Cherry Hill, NJ

“We have been using the services of A&R for years. They have always been extremely efficient, professional, and were always kind and accommodating. I recommend anyone to use them for any translations. ”

Alex Burger, Fairfield, CT

“I needed to have Spanish documents translated into English for my husband, and documents translated from Spanish into French for my daughter who is studying abroad in Paris. I was worried about being able to find translation services that didn’t have anything to do with English because of my daughter’s obscure document. When I went to Ammon and Rousseau, they translated all three documents and notarized (which they can do on the spot!) them within a matter of a few days. They were pretty cheap considering that I was able to get everything done in one place. I’m not sure if I’ll have to translate anything else in the future, but if I do, I know where I’m going!”

Samantha N.