American Partner

Lenora Ammon, the American partner, has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley in English Literature and a teaching credential.

She learned French in Paris and later taught English as a second language at the engineering school École des Mines of Saint-Etienne as well as at the Université de St. Etienne.

She has lived in France and the United States and has traveled extensively in South America and Europe. She was involved in cross-cultural training in Boulder, Colorado and taught school in Denver in a bilingual classroom.

She co-founded the translation firm Ammon & Rousseau Translations (A&R Translations), which was moved from France to New York in 2001.

Lenora has translated several books. For translations into English, not only the accuracy of the translation is important to her, but also the quality of the English writing.


French Partner

Didier Rousseau, the French partner, has a Masters in Law, a Certificate of Political Science from the University of Bordeaux, and a degree in copy editing from the Centre de formation des journalistes of Paris.  He worked some 12 years in several publications of the major press and communication group Hachette-Filipacchi (Marie-ClaireLe Journal du DimancheTélé 7 Jours) with a six-months interlude at Agence-France Presse. In his younger days, he made a 7–years trip around the world. He was an intercultural consultant and cross-cultural resource and trainer in Boulder, Colorado. 

He was co-founder of the translation firm Ammon & Rousseau Translations in France which moved to New York in 2001. The firm founders were accredited by the French Consulate in New York until 2014 when this practice was discontinued.



American to Spanish translator


Miguel Carmona, a native Spanish speaker and a certified translator by the American Translators Association, holds a BS in Industrial Engineering and has been translating professionally since 1993. 

He specializes in technical and medical fields, and has done translation work not only for the private sector, but also for the USA Federal Government. He also does volunteer work for Translators Without Borders, an institution dedicated to providing free translation services to non-profit organizations all over the world. Miguel is a member of the American Translators Association and the Northwest Translators and Interpreters Society.



Off Counsel

JP Hameidat

Recently graduated from the French Bar School Ecole du Centre Ouest des Avocats in Poitiers (France), Jean-Philippe Hameidat is a young lawyer who holds a master in Business Law of the University of Angers. He actively participated in litigation proceedings and consulting activities in corporate law, banking and finance law, tax law and commercial law at the Law firms Virgile Avocats (Paris) and NG Avocats (Angers). He has an excellent knowledge of the French and American judicial systems. Jean-Philippe loves to play the piano and the guitar. He also made the athletics at competition level.



Off Counsel

photo Andre Kahn

André Kahn has a Masters in Business Law from Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and he graduated in May 2015 from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs with a Master’s degree. After finishing high school in Strasbourg, he has lived in England and Israel for several years before returning to France in 2007. He moved to New York in 2011, where he still lives.

As a student in New York, he pursued a six-month internship at the European Union Delegation to the United Nations where he worked in the (overwhelmingly francophone) legal section. He also interned for six months at the United Nations in the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED), a Security Council body created in the aftermath of 9/11 to strengthen the legal capacity of member states to combat terrorism. 

An avid reader and a bibliophile, André served as a deputy manager in a Paris bookstore while pursuing his law studies.   




David Rousseau translates and edits medical and legal documents, and contributes blogs in the medical and legal field as well as the field of international development. He is a graduate of McGill University with a BS in Political Science and International Development and he has a Master's from the University of Paris 

David is fluent in English, French and Spanish and he is currently learning Thai.



Spanish to American translator

Nick Pizzigati is a Mexico-based translator specializing in Mexican and Latin American court documents, contracts and other legal materials. He is a certified member of the American Translators Association with over 10 years' experience. He is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Cruz and New York University's professional translation certificate program.



Off Counsel

Marion Bélery studied law and languages for 5 years at French universities obtaining a Master 1 in Private Law and Master 2 as an attorney-linguist in European law with Spanish and English emphasis. She was an intern at A&R Translations from July 2013 to January 2014. We found her energetic and competent. We admired her inquiring mind, good nature and positive attitude. She was very opened to her New York experience and learned a great deal about common law and the challenges of translating common law documents into French. She is currently a lawyer practicing in Paris in the field of labor law. She volunteers as a translator for Avocats sans Frontières Belgique (Lawyers Without Borders). Marion hopes one day to work in the field of human rights.



American to Spanish translator

Alejandra was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently lives in Uruguay. She has a degree in Economics (Universidad Católica Argentina) and a postgraduate degree in Finance (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella – Argentina). Her mother tongue is Spanish, she is fluent in English and proficient in Italian. After developing a career in Finance, she leveraged her experience and formal education and followed her passion for languages, specializing in Spanish to give a twist to her career. She subsequently became a full time Spanish translator with Finance and Economics as her main fields of expertise. Later the areas of Medicine and Health Care were incorporated to her portfolio. Today, with almost 15 years of translation experience, she continues specializing to offer world class linguistic services.  



American to Spanish translator

Maria Gutierrez was born in Veracruz, Mexico and immigrated to the United States in 2011. Court certified translator in Mexico, she is certified for English to Spanish translation by the American Translator’s Association (ATA) and is a member of the ATA terminology committee. She also translates from French to Spanish. Now living in Nebraska, she was President of the Nebraska Association of Translators and Interpreters from 2012-2013.  She specializes in the financial and medical translation.



American to Russian translator

Alex Feht photo

Alexander Feht was born near the Siberian city of Novosibirsk in Russia. He received formal musical education (piano, violin, musical theory and composition). In 1987 he immigrated with his wife and son to the United States as a political refugee. He currently earns his living as a translator, and writes Russian poetry and music in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Alexander Feht has worked as an independent professional Russian translator for 30 years (25 in the US). He is accredited as a Russian Language Contractor with the Homeland Security Agency’s National Virtual Translation Center. His experience in translation includes a wide range of fields from medical to software. He has translated 22 science fiction and fantasy books by Jack Vance.



American to Italian translator

Silvia Hipple was born in Milano, Italy. She studied there and graduated from the architectural school, Politecnico di Milano. She has been translating from English to Italian for over 20 years and is certified by the American Translators Association for that language pair. She has Department of Justice Clearance (Public Trust). Her vast range of experience includes Architecture, Medical, Medical equipment, Software and Computer Manuals and Legal-diversified is good word for her. She is also an interpreter and has experience in project management. 



French to American Translator


Steven Gendell holds a BA in Comparative Literature from Hampshire College, where he was a former student of Nobel laureate, Joseph Brodsky; he did graduate work in linguistics and literature at La Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III. Freelance French to English translator with almost two decades of experience in a wide array of areas with a primary focus on legal and financial, his translations have appeared in scholarly journals such as NYU’s “French Politics, Culture & Society”. Former in-house translator at the Permanent French Mission to the United Nations; former adjunct instructor at the Sorbonne in Paris (Paris II – Panthéon-Assas) and former translation and interpreting studies coordinator at the NYU School of Professional Studies (2011- 2015), Steven currently teaches translation at the New School of Social Research in New York City.



French to American translator and creative writer

Camille (3 of 4)

Camille Haimet is a fully bicultural and bilingual French and English translator residing primarily in New York. She holds a degree in English literature and creative writing from Fordham University and writes original material frequently, including poetry, short stories, and various cultural articles. 

Her translation work includes a variety of different material and subject matter, from legal documents, grade transcripts, and business plans, to books on education and psychology.




American to Spanish translator

Ana Paula is a well-established translator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with more than 14 years of full-time experience in the translation industry. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical, Scientific and Literary Translation (I.E.S. en Lenguas Vivas J.R. Fernández) and a Degree in Sworn Translation (Universidad de Belgrano). From the very beginning of her professional career in 2002, she has been steadily providing linguistic services to prestigious pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare companies as well as individuals. She is certified by the American Translators Association (ATA) and by the Sworn Translators Association of the City of Buenos Aires (CTPCBA). She specializes in ICF translations from English to Spanish.



French to American and American to French interpreter

Martin Hoffman holds a master's degree from E.S.I.T., the graduate school of interpreting and translation of the Sorbonne. He has 20 years of experience as a conference interpreter and a translator. He works most frequently for the United Nations, international development agencies and the U.S. Department of Justice. He is frequently called upon to work abroad and spends an average of one month per year interpreting in West Africa.






Jacqueline Jugenheimer was born in Ludwigshafen am Rhein in Germany where she earned a German law degree (Diplom-Juristin). She continued her education in the US and was awarded a Master’s degree in Public Affairs from Indiana University. She is a member of the German American Lawyers Association (DAJV). Jacqueline is certified by the American Translator’s Association for English to German translation, is a court interpreter certified by the Wisconsin Supreme Court and a certified core medical interpreter by the CCHI (Certification Commission for Heath Care). Her continuing education includes courses in US contract law and many medical fields. She has 16 years of experience in translation.