Transmission of Property for Dual French-American Citizens by David Rousseau

The transmission of property raises important questions for dual French-American citizens, who are sometimes unsure whether their estate is subject to French or U.S. law. The situation can become especially complicated when a testator has property located in both France and the U.S., or when the heirs are of a different nationality. How can one determine which estate law governs the transmission of a testator’s property after his Read more >

Biomedical Research: Changing the Common Rule by David Rousseau

Biomedical research practitioners should be aware of the important changes in federal regulation governing the “Common Rule,” a federal policy that protects people who volunteer for federally funded research studies. On January 19, 2017, the Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”), as well as the 16 federal departments and agencies to which the Common Rule applies, issued a final update to the regulation, which has remained static Read more >

French Civil Law Reform by Andre Kahn

This is an historic time for French civil law. For the first time in its two centuries of existence, the French Civil Code is undergoing a major reform, focusing on contract law (the first draft of another reform focusing on civil liability was recently published by the Ministry of Justice for comments by academics and practitioners). The Government Order of February 10, 2016, which will enter into law Read more >